McDonald's on February 4th 2022, filed 10 trademark applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office, covering both McDonald's and McCafe. The fast-food company joins a the likes of  Adidas, Nike and Walmart, who have announced plans to cash in on Web3, including the metaverse.

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If everyone is doing it, what's the big deal then?

McDonald's, unlike others, is going where the customers are. One of the trademarks filed by McDonald's filed is for a virtual restaurant that will deliver food online and in person. 

"You are hanging out in the metaverse and get hungry. You don't have to put down your headset. You walk into a McDonald's and place an order. It arrives at your door a little while later," Josh Gerben, a trademark lawyer, wrote on Twitter. Gerben also told Forbes that The US Patent and Trademark Office will likely approve the trademarks, though the review process often takes it eight to nine months.

Other trademarks are for "virtual food and beverage products," including NFTs, entertainment services and events under the McDonald's and McCafe brands, including "online actual and virtual concerts." 

Three things, other brands can learn from McDonald's?

1. Go Where the Customers are

Time spent in the metaverse means reduced foot traffic in the stores, impacting sales and revenue. To address this problem, McDonald's is going where the customers are, in the metaverse, and by giving them the ability to order real food, which will get delivered to their real homes. 

2. Stay True to your Core Business

When McDonald's decided to join the metaverse, it's not about relevancy or to get into a new segment, rather to keep selling exactly what sells: Big Mac's, Fries, Shakes and other food products. This may sound simple, but it's brilliant as the company knows what people want, and it continues to sell exactly that, just through a different channel. 

3. Create & Capture Value

What companies need to understand that it doesn't matter whether you're operating a business in the real or virtual world, you need to provide real-world value. The genius of McDonald's entry into the metaverse is that it proves you can stick to your core, while exploring new channels to reach customers.

McDonald's approach to the metaverse is a masterclass in showcasing how brands can leverage their strengths in a new way.