Crypto currency is starting to become mainstream. Is that a controversial statement or possibly conjecture, maybe yes, albeit, there is increasing evidence to suggest the hypothesis holds true. Here are a few evidentiary statements:

AMC Movie Theater, starts accepting crypto as payment

Some universities will start accepting crypto in form of tuition

Mastercard will start allowing crypto as incentivization

SEC has approved an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) linked to crypto future trading

Mayor of Miami wants to get paid in Bitcoin 

What does this all mean? 

Going back to the opening statements, this implies that a technology is starting to mature and becoming mainstream. 

For sake of clarity, Bitcoin is only one type of asset class in the crypto currency space. Blockchain is the technology that enables different crypto asset classes (e.g: Ethereum, Dogecoin). Blockchain in itself is not all the same. Some are completely secure and closed, others are public and while are some hybrid.

The so what of it then?

In business & technology cycle, there are usually innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and then laggards. Between early adopter and early majority, there is usually a chasm, crossing it, or lack thereof, can makes and/or breaks the business. This especially holds true for any technology. Due to this primary reason, early startups go for growth vs profitability.

What these few examples suggest is that crypto is now on its way to crossing the chasm into early majority. Furthermore, it's evident that crypto is not specific to an industry type, rather most, if not all segments/industries are starting to leverage this technology.

On top of aforementioned, decentralized finance (DeFi) will also leverage the technology and all the asset classes to ease day-to-day finance. As such, it's high time to make crypto, DeFi part of vernacular.