Experienced, Personalized Consulting, Geared Towards Your Success

Experienced, Personalized Consulting, Geared Towards Your Success

Are you an Entrepreneur?

The number one reason why startups fail is due to misreading market demand — this is found in 42% of cases. (CBInsights) Everyone starts somewhere, but you have to start with the right idea. Our team of consultants work with you from ideation to execution.
Do you have a business strategy?
Founders need 2 to 3x longer than they expect to validate a business model. (Forbes) Business Model Canvas, Experimental Canvas, Validation Canvas...etc, are just a few tools, our expert consultants utilize to validate and develop your business strategy.
Are you executing flawlessly?
Only 40% of startups are profitable. Another 30% of startups are likely to break, and the last 30% will continue to lose money. (Small Business Trends) A good strategy falls short without an execution plan. Agile, Lean and OKR frameworks...etc, are what we use to ensure you meet your targets.
Do you have the right metrics defined?
Every business has a different time horizon and therefore a unique set of Metrics. We are well versed in financial modeling & defining metrics to ensure success is achieved and sustainable.
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